PRELUDE (ages 2 to 4)


This program focuses on early music comprehension and first time musical exposure! An excellent primer for private lessons or orchestral instruction, based on the Kodaly method of learning. Come try all sorts of different instruments, and listen to classical music picked specifically to spark the imagination of young children!

– drumming in drum circles
– singing folk songs and simple choral music
– playing music games
– learning to conduct
– trying instruments of all families
– exploring pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and more
– using musical sign language
– studying the way an orchestra works
– getting used to musical terminology
– listening to live performances of classical music on a wide variety of instruments

If your child has displayed an interest or aptitude for music, this program is specifically designed to bring that forward and engage them in a lifelong musical journey. We offer a welcoming, no-pressure environment for first time musicians, focusing on their growth rather than performances or tests. Taught by Early Music Childhood Educator Bailey!

Bond, connect and create memories in this Parent & Me Class! 

Fridays from 2:00 to 2:40pm

$60 per month